I live my life for Christ

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I am a Christian for 25 years. Jesus Christ is both my Lord and my Savior. I live my life for Christ and witness for Him daily. My walk is with Him and gives me delight. He is at the center of my life, and i have a personal relationship with Him.

I believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who are all one. Christ came to earth in the flesh, and died for my sins, and i have been crucified with Him, and raised with Him in a new life.

Christ is the love of my life. I witness on-line for Him, and in my work, and to my friends, and family. My Lord is in me, and He has done the works through me of bringing others to Christ.

I work as a Christian School Librarian now. I was born Jewish, and called by Him.

I heard Him as i was reading a Jewish old testament. He said, "You don't understand this now, but some day this will be very important to you".

I didn't understand why, but i knew this voice was God. A few years later, in high school i started studying my bible. By college, i was saved at a campus ministry, at age 18. I have lived my life for the Lord ever since. Recently I understood what it meant to be crucified with Him, and "He who looses His life for Me shall find it." My life has not been my own since, but belongs to Christ who died for me.