"Growing up, I heard it all...sissy, queer, fag. Naturally, I believed I was born gay."

John Paulk



I always remember feeling "different" from other boys...I was rejected a lot and the names they called me always hurt. My dad walked away from us when I was four, and I lived with the insecurity that everyone I really loved would walk away, too. Then, as an adult, after trying to fill my emotional needs in homosexual relationships, I created a different personality, "Candi," and lived through her as a female impersonator...it was the only pride I had. But then I met God and He wanted to show me my true identity as a man. I finally found the acceptance I'd been craving all along. I found that His love was completely unconditional. And while Christ was helping me heal the hurt I had buried in my other "self," He showed me He would accept and love me and never leave, ever. Today, I'm happily married and I hear "man, husband, and Christian." I wonder, how many can say the same thing about their own relationships right now?