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The Ministry of "ONE-ANOTHERING"
-by Chip Brogden.
[ http://www.watchman.net/articles/oneanother.html ]

"Whoever wants to become the greatest must become 
the servant of all"  (Mark 10:44).

When anyone comes to me now and wants my advice 
about "going" into the ministry, the first thing I seek to 
do is upset all their ideas about ministry and talk to 
them about being a servant, taking the back seat, being
hidden from view, lowering yourself, and practicing the 
art of One-Anothering.

The ministry of One-Anothering doesn't require a 
platform, a pulpit, a building, a budget, or a Board. You 
can start immediately, with no training and with no 
experience, and you don't have to quit your job or do 
anything dramatic. You cannot be voted in, and you 
cannot be voted out. The Life you possess qualifies 
you to be in the full-time ministry of One-Anothering.

Your wounds are your credentials. You can go to your 
brothers and sisters right now and say, "The Lord has 
called me to the ministry, and I am beginning it today." 
Love, pray for, encourage, and serve the saints. So
many times we have observed individuals who claim to 
be called to some great work but they neglect the basic 
principles of One-Anothering. There is no competition 
for the lowest position, so let all who love the Lord go 
there first and become a servant.
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