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"Whatever else you fail of, do not fail of the influence of the Holy
Spirit; that is the only way you can handle the consciences of men." 
-David Brainerd

"With all thy getting, get unction." - Leonard Ravenhill.

"If the whole Church goes off into deception, that will in no way
excuse us for not following Christ." - Leonard Ravenhill

"Consider how immense the sum of the sins of the world must be! The
sins that one of us commits in one day are very numerous. If all our
proud thoughts could be known, and all our rebellious feelings against
God could be exposed, how vast would be the amount! But consider what
millions of millions of men have lived on this earth; what treachery,
what blasphemy, what murders, what idolatry, have defiled it in every
place, at every moment. Yet all these multiplied crimes Jesus can take
away; so great is the power of his blood. O that all the world would
come to the Lamb of God, that they might all be cleansed from their
innumerable transgressions."
-Favell Lee Mortimer

"If you have men who will only come if they know there is a good road,
I don't want them. I want men who will come if there is no road at
all." - David Livingstone

"The more grace Christians have, the more clearly they can see the
contrast between holiness and sin. This will necessarily lead them to
pray more often, earnestly, and fervently, give them a disrelish for
the vanities of the world, and a sincere and hearty desire to devote
all they have to Christ and to serve Him entirely." - Ann "Nancy"

"I too have found a secret and I hope it will prove the defining point
of my life. It is not so much where I am, or what I am doing, rather
it is all about WHO is with me." - Alan Martin