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'He makes His ministers a flame of fire.' Am I ignitible?... 'make
me thy fuel, flame of God.'"
-Jim Elliot

"An empty Christian talks out of his head, but a Spirit-filled
Christian talks out of his heart. The Holy Spirit does not live in our
brains but in our heart. A head religion will talk anything, but a
heart religion talks Jesus and the Holy Spirit." - John T. Hatfield

"What are all your kings, all your nobles, all your diadems, when
you put them together, compared with the dignity of winning souls
to Christ?" -  C.H. Spurgeon

"Doubt is having faith in Satan."
-C.H. Spurgeon

"Before God uses the man, God breaks the man."
-C.H. Spurgeon

"The Holy Spirit is grieved when ministers of the Gospel and other
Christian workers more earnestly desire His gifts than Himself; when
they are more eager to be clothed with His power than to be filled
with His presence; when they prefer popularity to purity; when they
rely more on polished rhetoric than on the power of the Holy Ghost;
when they are more concerned about preparing the sermon than
themselves; when they are more ambitious to please the church than the
Head of the Church; when they subordinate the ministry of the Lord
Jesus to themselves and not to the Lord Jesus; when they use the
sacred office as a ladder to personal fame or gain instead of a
stairway up which they may lead repentant sinners to the bosom of
God." - Daniel Steele