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Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2017 21:54:29 +1300

JASON writes:
As a word of encouragement, I have been screaming the message 
of deliverance from sin, freedom from bondage, and slavery to 
righteousness from Romans 5 - 8 for about the last five years.

The most common response is a list of reasons (actually, 
justifications) of why these verses simply CANNOT mean what 
they seem to mean.  Another response is that simple "mystified" 
look - as when one cannot quite process what they have just been 
told. Still another sad response is that of sheer anger.

Nevertheless, "He is able to save to the uttermost."  The Book of
Revelation declares that He has, "freed us from our sins by His 
blood."  In yet another place we are told that we "died to sins that 
we might live for righteousness."

MARY BELLE writes:
I just read your word, "My Experience of a CLEAN HEART", and it 
is a word that the Body of Christ must hear. If we only lived out 
from Romans 6, our lives would be revolutionized. We are not living 
the "normal Christian life" because we don't believe that it is 
obtainable except through struggle and trying to do our best.

Most of the believers in Christ have never walked or lived according
to what the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished on the Cross for us. 
We have no idea what the "new birth" really is or means, and it is 
only through those, like you, who have truly experienced this that 
the Truth will be known.

Please, Andrew, continue to write the Truth. We have lived the 
"sub-normal life" and believed it to be the truth. The lie of satan 
must be exposed and the Church of the Living God come into the 
complete fullness of who she really is.

BERNIE writes:
It is what I've said many times, but have been heavily criticized for 
saying it as if I'm claiming something impossible, putting myself on 
a pedestal, instead of describing mature Christianity... The 
misapplication of Romans 7 is a great disservice to the church, 
the thinking that Paul lived in some kind of hellish bondage to sin 
while wanting to live otherwise. 

DELYNN writes:
I want to tell you how wonderful it is to hear someone else not only
believe for the fullness of the New Covenant, but to actually preach it.  

What little truth we hear from pulpits.  The deception that "we are 
all sinners" is freely spoken from pulpits while we in the pews 
shout "amen!" - not realizing that the New Covenant offers us 
freedom from our sin-consciousness.  False doctrine disguised as 
humility has deprived the Church of holiness, purity, power and the 
true knowledge of God because we constantly deceive ourselves 
that we can not be holy.  Compromise has marched through this 
gaping doorway as we agree with such seemingly humble words.  
BUT these are the words of pride and unbelief... nothing more than
false humility keeping us blind, naked and poor.... a state far too
familiar for the people of God.  We live so far beneath the truth of 
who we really are.... a real new creation.  Carnality has become 
our way of life all the while quoting scripture "I am more than a 
conqueror through Christ who loves me."   

We have walked as mere men, carnal and blind to our carnality, 
not embracing the life of Jesus, much less His death and 
resurrection power.  We've believed many subtle lies of darkness, 
one of which is that we cannot live sinless lives. 'Perfect' has 
become a dirty word, while we stone those who dare believe God 
for true purity. 

TERRY writes:
I think your article is exactly right! In fact this has been a normal
life for me. Whenever conviction arises I do something about it and 
return to that place of rest and freedom from sin. I don't think there 
is any other kind of Christianity, unless a person is willing to live 
under conviction of sin and not do anything about it. 

NONNIE writes:
I understand and walk the same.  I didn't always.  I was raised in 
a church that taught that not one person could be free from sin 
and repentence---almost moment by moment---was a necessity.  
I grew up believing that, if I worked hard enough, repented often 
enough, and if God were in a good humor on the day I died, I might 
have a chance at heaven.  But our Lord is a rewarder of them that 
truly seek Him, and He brought me out of that bondage into a wide 
place where freedom in Him reigns supreme.  Do I never "mess up"?  
Well, I'm still alive and still very much human, but I am also very, 
very much free from sin by His perpetual grace and the cleansing
power in the blood of Jesus.

LINDA writes:
Much of these truths aren't taught in a lot of churches... Not death 
to self, not the crucified life, and as you know -  that's where it all 
starts.  Many don't know who they are in Christ Jesus,  have no 
idea we are Clean, Justified, released from our old nature to take 
on His nature.

Isn't God good? Isn't His gospel powerful? May we all experience
this wonderful "cleanness", my friends.

God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.