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Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 13:52:02 -0500
NOTE:  Below is an encouraging article entitled "GOD's 


I have been wanting to make this change for months, but never
got around to it. A lot of people have no idea what "ANZAC" means
and I think we probably have needed to change it for some time.
We called this List 'ANZAC' because it was run for many years out 
of New Zealand and Australia. 'ANZAC' is a military term denoting 
the COMBINED forces of those two countries. In World War I and II
they were called the "ANZACs" - and were involved in many
legendary battles together. 

But we really need to make a change. I propose simply to call
this list "REVIVAL List" from now on. Hopefully you will already 
see in the 'Subject' line of this email the little "[revival]" insignia.
Eventually even the 'From' line will just say "REVIVAL List".
Other than that, NOTHING else is changing! The List will remain 
exactly the same in all other respects.

By the way - just a note:  Please feel free to forward any of the
posts on this List to whoever you want. You do not need permission.
You can 'forward' anything you like.
-by Clara Iverson.

Don't think that God has forgotten you! God is setting everything 
according to His sovereign plan and timing. When everything fits 
together, shall He not act? 

For the past days, He is just trying your heart, to see if you are 
faithful to wholly follow Him. 

He wants to test your heart and see if you love Him more than 
'all these.' 

If fame, acceptance from men, popularity, titles and positions are 
no longer hindrances to you, He then can PROMOTE you.

This day is coming when the 'chief butler' will REMEMBER you 
and bring you up to see 'Pharaoh.' 

This day is coming when you have to quickly shave and change 
your clothing. (Genesis 41:14)

This day is coming when the foundation work is completed in you. 

This foundation is built upon Christ and you don't need men's honor 
any more. 

You can bring the glory to God and say, 'It's NOT me, but God will 
give you Pharaoh an answer of peace.' (Genesis 41:16)

This day is coming when people around you say, 'Can we find such
 a one as this, a man in whom is the Spirit of God?'...... 

This day is coming when you are being lifted up to sit next to 
Pharaoh,  being put on the signet ring, clothed in garments of fine 
linen and a gold chain is put around your neck.

Those sufferings are worthy! 

As you partake Christ' sufferings, you will be transformed into His

God is good to you and His thoughts towards you are not evil. He 
did have a hope and a future for you. 

The END is always better than the BEGINNING....

Children of God, can you hear what the Lord is saying? 

He is saying, 'I HAVE HEARD your prayer, I HAVE SEEN your 
tears, surely I will..........." (Isaiah 38:5)

Children of God, all the promises are established by God, not men, 
and God will SHORTLY bring it to pass. (Genesis 41:32)...... 

You will remember the dreams which you had dreamt about.

- I am addressing those who have callings like Joseph and are 
waiting to be promoted by God and be brought in to see the King.