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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 13:33:23 -0500
"OIL SHOCKS in the USA?"
-by Andrew Strom.

On Monday I returned from a third-world country named
Southern Mississippi. -At least, that is how it felt down there - like 
a 3rd world country had come to America. It gave a chilling preview 
of what life here could be like if just a few of the luxuries we take 
for granted were disrupted. -The primary one of course being OIL 
or GASOLINE. The United States is terribly vulnerable to any kind 
of severe Oil Shock. And I want to describe to you what happens 
when even a rich state loses its access to basics like electricity, 
transport and gas.

I believe that these two hurricanes have played out before our
eyes the fragility of a system that is so utterly reliant on oil. Those 
semi-trucks that we see roaring down the highways everyday - they 
are like a lifeline to this country. If they stop delivering supplies to 
the stores and supermarkets for even a few days or a week, then 
the whole system will fall over. It is the same with the electrical 
grid. It too is heavily reliant on oil for power generation. And all of 
our communications, computers, lights, businesses, appliances, 
TVs, radios, etc - all need electricity to run. It gives me the chills 
to see how easily America could be shut down. A civilized nation 
at the height of her powers - utterly reliant on a black liquid, mostly 
imported from the volatile Middle East. -Unbelievable.

What happens when the gas stations run dry? -We saw this in
Texas. People are trapped. They get stuck on the highways,
unable to get out. And when basic transportation fails, then
business fails also. Without regular supplies by truck, most
businesses would fall apart within a week. All it took was ONE
emergency, and the system could not cope. What happens if
there are MANY emergencies all over the nation?

When I first got to Southern Mississippi in the wake of Hurricane
Katrina, it did not take me long to realize what a basic issue this
was down there. I remember talking to a lady who was working
gutting out ruined homes. She told me that she was UNABLE
to leave the area - even though she wanted to. Her car had filled
with water during the storm - and would never run again. Her
bank (if she had any money in it) was closed - in fact, no businesses
were open at all in the entire area. All the gas stations were either
wrecked or shut down. She was working so she could save up 
some money to get out. -And there were MANY people in this
kind of situation. A neighbor up the road from our base lost THREE 
CARS that are now parked useless across the street - they had 
been submerged and would not run. And thus, people get TRAPPED.

When people lose "civilized" transport, they have only one option.
-They turn to "Third World" transportation. You see them walking
everywhere on foot, or riding bicycles. And this is exactly what

It is the same with electrical appliances. Our home base in 
Mississippi had been flooded with water 5 feet deep. There is still
a 5-foot water-mark in all the rooms. The place was full of mud 
when we arrived. There was water sloshing around in the oven. 
The washing machine made funny "sparking" noises - full of
water. The electricity was off and the generator was little help.
So what do you do? -You return to "Third World" ways. You
wash your clothes by hand in the tub or in a bucket. You cook
with a portable gas stove. You sit around at night talking in the
dark - or with some kind of lantern. There are no televisions, no
DVD's or stereos (blessed peace!) There is no hot water, no air
conditioning, nothing. It is just like being in a 3rd world country. 
There is little of "modern civilization" left.

In fact, like a lot of people we even slept outdoors for awhile. Many 
people slept in tents because their house was unliveable. We slept 
in a park across the street - joining some others that we had met
there. The mosquitoes were terrible, but it was OK. 

So let me summarize this "Third World" American scenario for you. 
Without gasoline, electricity or transportation, you lose just about
everything. I can tell you this for a fact, because I have seen it.
You return to the status of a peasant with a bicycle. None of
your modern conveniences will work. Nothing at all. If the gasoline
is gone, you cannot even charge your cellphone in the car. And 
notice that all it takes to make this scenario happen is LOSING 
THE OIL. Every one of our modern conveniences is ultimately 
reliant on that one commodity. Makes you think, does it not?

So are you ready for your REAL "Oil Shock", America?

I am convinced that God was bringing a wake-up call to this
nation through the recent hurricanes. You will notice that BOTH
hurricanes targeted three basic things. Sin and hedonism had
everything to do with it. In both hurricanes, the CASINOS and also 
"SIN CITY" itself - New Orleans - took a major hit. (Katrina wiped 
out the Casinos on one side and Rita wiped out those on the other). 
Surely this cannot be mere coincidence? And both hurricanes filled 
New Orleans with water. It really was staggering. Surely God was 
saying something through this?

But the third thing we have to take note of is that both hurricanes
targeted the OIL - and showed up the terrible fragility that the
United States has in this area. It does not bode well for the future
if America fails to heed these wake-up calls. She is terribly 
vulnerable in this area - far more fragile than we have seen in the
past. And God is looking for this nation to REPENT of her
hedonism, her materialism and her "worship of pleasures" before
much worse comes upon her. This was clearly the message of
the hurricanes, to my mind. God was showing how easily America
can be "taken out". Do you think this message will be heeded?

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God bless you all.

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.