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Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 12:08:54 +1200
NOTE from ANDREW STROM:  I wasn't asked to do this, but 
I just felt we needed to talk about it because of the Myanmar
Cyclone. Like many of you, when we ourselves give we look for 
truly biblical ministries to give to. The best possible cause to give 
to according to the Bible seems to be "Christian orphans and 
widows". But how can we find a godly Christian organization that 
reliably sends all the money to the orphans?

Some years ago we found David Servant and Orphan's Tear - and
a lot of people on this List who have got to know David will agree
that he is doing wonderful work with Christian orphanages in many
Third World countries (-especially in Myanmar which just got hit
by the hurricane). We know David's ministry well, and I cannot
recommend a better place to give money in the most effective way.
It will literally go exactly where it needs to go! 

(Please remember, you can become a regular "sponsor" of 
orphans through them too - for $20 per month. And the orphanages
truly are CHRISTIAN).

David did not ask me to do this, and doesn't even know I am doing
it. But below are some brief reports about the orphanages that
went through the hurricane - and how you can donate or become
a sponsor through Orphan's Tear. -Highly recommended!


In the wake of Cyclone Nargis, the situation in Myanmar has 
become very serious. It is estimated that over 22,000 people have 
died, and 1 million people are now homeless. Clean water is in 
short supply, the price of food and basic necessities has 
skyrocketed, and the government  is being very slow to accept 
international aid.

Many of you have written and asked if we have heard anything 
from our orphanages in Myanmar. Only ten of the orphanages we 
assist in Myanmar are in Yangon, the commercial capital of 
Myanmar. The rest are in Northern Myanmar and have been 
unaffected by the cyclone. Of those ten in Yangon, we have heard 
from three so far (Victoria Orphanage, New Heritage Orphanage, 
and Shalom Children Home). They write that everyone is fine, but 
their buildings sustained damages. We are trusting the Lord that 
the children at the other seven orphanages have been protected 
from harm as well.

We are posting updates on the Orphan's Tear blog -
http://www.orphanstear.org/blog/ - as we receive them. Below are 
some reports we've received so far:

-New Heritage Orphanage lost their roof, and are going to need 
help to repair their building.

-From Yangon Shalom Children home: "As you know we faced 
hard weather. But by the grace of God we all are fine. Only our 
bamboo house and campus are broken." 

There are many more orphanages in Yangon besides the ten 
orphanages we regularly support. You can help us send the urgent 
help they desperately need. We will use 100% of the funds 
received to repair damages to Yangon orphanages, including those 
we don't regularly support. Any excess funds we receive will be 
used for relief for believers who have suffered. This money will be
administrated through our Myanmar friends. 

Orphan's Tear is a registered charity. To donate securely with 
your credit card, please go to the following website:


100% of what we receive from you that is designated to the 
Myanmar Disaster Relief Fund will be sent overseas to bring relief 
to the orphanages in Yangon, Myanmar. You can contribute 
securely by credit card on the above site, or by mailing a check to: 
Heaven's Family, P.O. Box 12854, Pittsburgh, PA 15241. Please 
write "Myanmar Disaster Relief" in the memo of your check. 
Heaven's Family is a 501c3 non-profit organization recognized by 
the Internal Revenue Service. All contributions are fully 
tax-deductible in the United States. Heaven's Family is also a 
registered charity in the U.K. and most gifts qualify for Gift Aid,
significantly increasing the amount of your contribution.